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Science Fiction Predicts 2020

2020 is just around the corner. In these troubling times, it's helpful to have an idea of what's in store. Well, fear not, here are a few things which are going to happen in 2020 as predicted by science fiction.


Good news, we'll all be heading to Mars! The movie Mission to Mars is set in 2020 and sees the Mars I mission land on the red planet and discover Martians.

We will discover that life on this planet was due to the Martians sending their DNA to a prehistoric Earth. A historic moment in our species history so you won't want to miss being there! The Mars I mission will be led by astronaut Luke Graham. Otherwise known as Don Cheadle. So you'll want to book your tickets on the spacecraft early.


It's lucky we'll be heading to Mars, given London will be destroyed in a post-apocalyptic fire by hordes of dragons. In the movie, Reign of Fire, London has been completely decimated by dragons.

Quinn, otherwise known as Christian Bale, will lead a small group of survivors at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland. So that's where to head to if you're not planning on departing the Earth.

In fact, just avoid the UK in general. Cwmtaff, Wales will be invaded by the Silurians, a reptilian race as seen in the two Doctor Who episodes The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood.


While here in the UK will be battling prehistoric creatures, the rest of continental Europe will also have their hands full. The Edge of Tomorrow predicts that 2020 will see the defeat of the alien menace known as the mimics.

An alien invasion only Tom Cruise can save us from, god help us. At least we'll get to see Emily Blunt kicking ass.


2020 will be a good year for robotics. Not only will the legendary Fallout New Vegas entrepreneur Robert House be born, but the U.S.R Robotics company seen in I, Robot will be founded.

So it's going to be an exciting year to be sure. Certainly, more to look forward to than the fallout from Brexit and the re-election of President Trump. But if 2020 doesn't take your fancy, look ahead to 2021 - the year Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep is based.

And if you know of any more 2020 predictions please let me know because I know there are more!


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