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Fabulous Folklore with Icy (Podcast Review)

Interested in folklore and fantasy? I've found a new podcast which will be just perfect for you!


Fabulous Folklore with Icy is a podcast which explores the weird, wonderful and frequently kooky world of folklore. It's so far covered the Hand of Glory, Changelings, Corpse Roads and the folklore around roses, violets and snowdrops.

The episodes themselves are short and sweet, mostly about 5-10mins long. They're a really gentle listen and they've become my morning commute go-to!

Icy has a wonderfully dry sense of humour which comes through, making me chuckle while I learn. And though short, it manages to both teach you something new and whet your appetite for the subject. Even after so many years reading and studying myths and folklore, Icy still pulls out something I've never heard before.

These episodes are really companion pieces to a weekly folklore post. If you're anything like me, you'll want to pop over to Icy's website to read the more in-depth post.

My usual criticism of podcasts is true here too - it's so short! But while I'll always love a long podcast, in this case, the blog post is enough to fill the gap. Icy has a very distinct voice, both written and audibly, so the two run together really nicely.

If weird stories and fantasy fuel are your love, this is definitely your podcast.

Icy Sedgwick

Icy Sedgwick writes a multitude of fiction in the genres of fantasy, Gothic Horror, Westerns and fantasy. She has many anthologies out, including European Monsters, Short Stack and Masks. Naturally, she is also an expert on all things folklore and can be found tweeting on the Folklore Thursday tag.

As a genre, folklore is one of the most invaluable resources in the world of speculative fiction writing. Arguably, an invaluable resource for all storytelling. But fantasy and horror writers get the most out of all the weird and wonderful stories.

Where to find it?

You can find this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Hear This and of course, via the website.

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