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7# Horror Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following!

Looking for your daily dose of horror? Here is a list of amazing Twitter accounts tweeting out all things horror.

Here are the rules: to get on this list, the Tweeter has to be posting all things horror the majority of the time. Rather than photos of adorable cats. If they’re a big organisation, they also need to tweet more than just their own content.

And if you're looking for some amazing Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds, click here or if you a Fantasy fix, click here!

HorridLore @HorridLore

My new favourite Twitter feed, Horrid Lore tweets daily with links to audio stories.

The Horror Museum @horrormuseum

A museum opening in 2019 in California, these guys tweet all things horror and often cross over Sci-Fi if that's your thing!

Horror Writers Assoc @HorrorWriters

Horror Movie Podcast @HorrorMovieCast

Horror World @Horror_World

Nightmar1sh @Nightmar1sh 

Cover photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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